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We are a church whose ministry is to exalt the name of Jesus Christ, introduce others to Him; make believers into mature disciples and equip them for their ministry to the church and mission to the world.

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We are a church called by God to gather His saints together; those who have made a covenant with Him and are willing to sacrifice for His cause, to bring praise and honour to His name...

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Changing Points   Jan. 6, 2013

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When someone is faced with a situation a choice is inevitable, the time or moment of making that choice is called a ?change point?. Bible Text: Read Gen. 3: 1-7 This introductory lesson will expose us to the ?change points? in the life of Adam and Eve. The first two human beings were created perfect by a perfect God. In fact God declared at the end of the 6th day that everything he created on that day, including man, was very good, (Read Gen. 1:31). Sometime later Satan in the form of a serpent came to the woman and tempted her. As you read the text Gen. 3:1-6; you will observe that she was tempted in three areas:

PURPOSE WHAT IS THAT?   Dec. 30, 2012

Psalm 33:11 states: ?The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations?. Please note that the Word ?counsel? means purpose. Hence the purpose of the Lord stands forever, therefore it is eternal.

God is a God of purpose. He has his own purpose and no one has the ability to influence Him or cause Him to change His purpose. When I say purpose, I mean that He is a God who has a deliberate intention that is utterly fixed and cannot be changed or altered by the action of anyone or anything.

God?s purpose, like Himself is eternal, it has no beginning or end. It is always in play and is always unfolding. How does this relate to us? Well, we who are created in His image must be aware that we are also to be a people of purpose. Our purpose defines who we are and why we exist. Our understanding of our purpose for being will cause us to have a deliberate intention in life that is fixed and we will not be easily swayed by situations, circumstances or people.

A person who knows and understands His purpose will be settled and firm in the path that is mapped out for him and he will live with confidence, knowing that he is making a contribution to the external purpose of a great and powerful God.
Is it not an honour for us to be able to tie into the purpose of the God of this universe? Let us then be conscious of this fact and reflect on it often.

Remember: Purpose preceeds plans and purpose drives plans!!!   read more

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