The Barnabas Ministry

The Barnabas Ministry is an integral and important part of the church as it directly supports its vision to gather Godís Saints together; those who have made a covenant with him.



  • It exists to provide follow-up and bible instructions to new converts, preparing them for water baptism and their on-going spiritual development.
  • The ministry also extends to the spiritual strengthening, biblical education and personal encouraging of persons who choose to rededicate their lives to Christ.
  • The responsibility for the work of the ministry rests on a special group of individuals who mentor and guide within an environment governed by the 3 Aís: acceptance, approval and appreciation.
  • The leadership of this ministry is committed to maintaining and furthering the spiritual vitality of the group.
  • To expand the group of members from the ranks of the newly discipled converts
  • who have attained a degree of spiritual maturity worthy of the position
  • To strive for excellence in developing our processes and to package them as a product
  • Available for import to other church organizations who are looking to start their own Barnabas Ministry                  
  • To provide on-going training and development to the members of the group