Toronto Manna Minitries & Progressive Living Christian Center History

The merge (marriage) celebration between Toronto Manna Minitries & Progressive Living Christian Center took place the weekend of September 11th, 12th and 13th.  When we enter the church lobby, on the wall you can see a display of the marriage certificate of the two  churches.  This was a very historic  and  memorable occasion.  As we all know churches do not come together they normally go apart.  We are grateful to God for allowing us to experience this historic event in our generation. 

Prior to the merge (wedding ceremony) we started renovating parts of the church and we are presently undergoing a lot of construction.  The first change was the carpet in our sanctuary, followed by the ladies bathroom, the office area, the men’s bathroom, the re-tiling of the lobby and having drop ceiling everywhere.  The tree beside the house has been removed.  Hopefully the house will soon be demolished to provide parking.  Last but not least, we hope to do a complete makeover of the outside of the church.